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Virgin Mobile Australia

What we do

Landing page design, UI, UX

The Challenge

Virgin Mobile Australia continually strive to enhance the online experience for their customers. Each page on the website is looked at regularly in terms of how the design can be optimised to make it more relevant to serve the needs of the customer.

The Process

The Virgin Mobile Australia web pages are owned by teams who are responsible for keeping information regarding specific areas of the business up to date and customer relevant. From International Roaming and Fair Data to the online store and My Account, each team will communicate current information to the designer which could be just a few sentences for some pages, to vast amounts of information for others. The content is broken down and various UX layouts explored before the final UI is designed.

An Example Solution

The “Why Virgin Mobile?” landing page was to contain huge amounts of information due to the large number of benefits which Virgin Mobile Australia customers receive by signing up as a customer. The content was broken down into four tabbed sections with the data in each section looked at as separate designs. The design below shows the “Fair Data” tab which, in itself, had seven sections alone. For the desktop design, the sections were playfully contained within a phone image with users being able to flick through the “Fair Data for your phone” info using a menu to the right of the design giving a fun, interactive experience. For a better experience on mobile, the information was contained within drop down segments.

Design for desktop

Design for mobile

Design for mobile – Expanded sections

Other tab content designs

The content for the other tabbed sections was treated as separate page designs.