31 page interactive pdf layout with infographics The Changing Face of Procurement Survey Report




Infosys Portland

What we do

Document layout, Infographic design, Illustration, Presentations, Reports

The Challenge

Portland Infosys has vast amounts of information, facts, figures and recommendations, which they need to get across to their customers in palatable documents.

The Result

Working closely with the document authors and editors on what they wish to communicate and emphasise, information is separated into sections, highlighted areas pulled out and where possible facts and figures drawn up into easy to understand graphic representations. Being a large corporate entity, Infosys Portland has brand guidelines which also need to be taken into consideration during the design process.

Whitepaper  Business Planning in the Digital Age 

Infographic One Pagers

These “teaser” pieces aim to give snapshots of many of the business aspects that Infosys Portland can help streamline for their customers. The information needs to be presented in a fun and easily consumable way engaging the customer to read about topics which would otherwise involve lengthy bland documentation.